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100 Facts About William Shakespeare
100 Facts About William Shakespeare

100 Facts About



1.               Wrote 154 sonnets

2.             Born on April 23, 1564

3.             Died on April 23, 1616

4.             Stratford-upon-Avon was his birthplace

5.             Parents were John and Mary Shakespeare

6.             Had seven brothers and sisters

7.              Sister Joan was born in 1558

8.             Margaret was born in 1562

9.             Gilbert was born in1566

10.                               Joan II was born in 1569

11.           Anne was born in 1571

12.                                Richard was born in 1574

13.                               Edmund was born in 1580

14.                               In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway

15.                               He was 18 when married and Anne was 26

16.                               Had eight children

17.                                Susannah born in 1583

18.                               Twins, Hamnet and Judith, born in 1585

19.                               His first published play was Henry VI, Part II

20.                  Wrote 37 plays

21.                               He was good friends with Elizabeth I, queen during his life

22.                 Lived in England during the Renaissance

23.                 Was affiliated with a theatre group known as the Lord Chamberlains Men

24.                 Wrote plays for the Globe Theatre

25.                 Was buried in Stratford

26.                 After Queen Elizabeth I died, Shakespeare lived during the reign of King James I

27.                  His house was called New Palace

28.                 Daughter Susannah married Dr. John Hall

29.                 Lord Chamberlains Men bought the Blackfriars Theatre

30.                 His Collective Sonnets were first published in 1609

31.                               His daughter Judith married Thomas Quiney 1616

32.                 Grandfathers name was Richard

33.                 Grandfather owned a farm in Snitterfield

34.                 Baptized at Holy Trinity Parish Church in Stratford

35.                 Child Hamnet died at age eleven

36.                 Refers to poet Christopher Marlowes death in As You Like It

37.                  Father John Shakespeare was granted Coat of Arms in1596

38.                 The Globe Theatre burned down in 1613, but was rebuilt in 1614

39.                 The Globe Theatre was demolished in 1644

40.                 The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeares shortest play

41.                               Shortest play is 1770 lines long

42.                 Othello was one of the most popular of his plays throughout the 18th and 19th    centuries

43.                 Troilus and Cressida was originally written as a Tragedy

44.                 Contain over 600 references to birds

45.                 May have translated Psalm 46

46.                 Was known as the Bard of Stratford

47.                  Famous poet John Keats kept a bust of Shakespeare near his desk in hopes that           the play write would spark his creativity

48.                 The Comedy of Errors was said to inspirer Rodgers and Hart's popular musical,           The Boys from Syracuse

49.                 Used the word dog or dogs over 200 times in his works

50.                 King Lear was banished from the English stage for making fun of the monarchy             and King George III

51.                               Love's Labour's Lost has the highest percentage of rhyming lines of all of his     plays

52.                 There is no record of Alls Well that Ends Well ever being performed in           Shakespeares lifetime

53.                 Invented the word assassination

54.                 Never attended a University

55.                 Lived through the Black Death

56.                 Sonnets were published in 1609 without his permission

57.                  Wrote roughly one and a half plays between 1589 and 1616

58.                 Never published any of his own plays, they were all published by his fellow        actors

59.                 Did not die in poverty, unlike many of his fellow authors of the time

60.                 Performed plays by play write Ben Jonson, in addition to his own

61.                               Performed many time before Queen Elizabeth I and King James I

62.                 Had many quarrels with play critic Robert Greene

63.                 Has instances of suicide an unlucky thirteen times in his works

64.                 None of his plays were acted out by women

65.                 Had an earring in his left ear

66.                 Village he grew up in had a population of over 1500 people and only about 200            houses

67.                  Interest in theatre started at an early age, his father took him and his siblings to   see traveling shows

68.                 Marriage certificate was issued on November 27, 1582

69.                 Buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon

70.                  Is believed to have died on his birthday

71.                                Was rumored to have created over 1,700 words for the English language

72.                  Has no actual known birth, but based on birth records historians believe it was   April 23, 1564

73.                  Only two authentic portraits of William Shakespeare

74.                  Was a popular last name, their were two non-related Shakespeare families

75.                  Wrote his first play when he was 25 years old

76.                  Was not credited with all his work, the play Cardenio has never been recorded

77.                  Performed in many of his own plays

78.                  One of the most identified icons of England

79.                  Wrote before Websters first published Dictionary

80.                 First child, Susannah, was born six months after Shakespeare and his wife were             married

81.                               Many didnt like Macbeth, because they were afraid of witches

82.                 No one knows how Shakespeare died

83.                 Was a Roman Catholic

84.                 When Shakespeare was alive, the town was called Stratford, not Stratford-upon-          Avon

85.                 The motto of the Globe Theatre was totus mundus agit histrionem (all the world's       a stage)

86.                 Was a Baptist when he was born, but was a Roman Catholic when he died

87.                  First job was holding horses outside the theatres

88.                 Wrote King John the same year his son died

89.                 Coined the phrase the beast with two backs

90.                 Died 52

91.                               Last play he wrote was  Two Noble Kinsmen

92.                 Only left his wife a bed when he died

93.                 Was married at Temple Graston

94.                 His tomb was inscribed with a curse

95.                 Some believe Queen Elizabeth wrote some of his plays

96.                 Lived on Henley Street

97.                  wrote Romeo and Juliet when he was around 30 years old

98.                 15 of his plays had been performed by 1597

99.                 Racisms pops up frequently in work

Rumored to copy many of his famous plays from other writers

100 Facts About Shakespeare

100 Fatcs About Shakespeare